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Sustainable Energy

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Based in Hong Kong, Sustainable Energy Ltd (SustainE) is a manufacturer to design and produce heat pumps and air-conditioning products. Our main business is to supply cutting-edge products for reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy wastage. Our experts provide innovative sustainable energy solutions on energy-intensive sectors such as space cooling & heating, dehumidification and hot water systems. With innovative heat pump technology, desiccant dehumidifier, integrated functions and advanced control energy saving systems, our products provide optimal level of indoor climate.


Our Vision

Global leading supplier of energy efficient products for heating & cooling, dehumidification and hot water systems for green buildings.

Solution provider to conduct scientific research to develop energy saving products that enable design and apply of innovative technology for sustainable buildings.




Our Team

Our team members possess qualified professional and academic qualifications in all required aspects to design and produce heat pumps and HVAC related products:

- Building Services Engineering (BSE): MCIBSE, MSc & PhD in BSE

- Mechanical Engineering (ME): MIMechE, MSc & PhD in ME

- Professional Engineering: CEng, MHKIE, RPE & REA

We are also listed on CIBSE's Directory of Member Services.


Innovative Technology

Our people and innovative technology are driving force behind our ability to deliver solutions and quality products. We are passionate manufacturer and solution provider working hardly to apply innovative technology to offer our clients the best products for green buildings.





 For enquiry, please email to: dsltung@sustaine.com.hk

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