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Our heat pumps is packed with sophisticated technology, incredibly simple to be installed and operated. They are designed for connection to central heating system as well as individual operation. These heat pumps offer astonishing savings and big environmental benefits.

Air to water heat pumps or water to water heat pumps does not use any combustion process to generate heat, it simply extracts the heat that already exist in the air, or in the chilled water of the central air-conditioning system, and puts it to use to heat hot water. The amount of electricity needed is relatively low, it generally save between 60% to 80% as compare to traditional hot water heating system. Our heat pumps reduce energy consumption and carbon emission, they are classified as renewable energy.

SustainE heat pumps are ideal for use in variety of properties include hotels, sports facilities, club houses, SPA, swimming pools and residential hot water heating system. Our air-conditioning products are at the cutting edge of low energy performance and enable owners to meet energy consumption and emissions targets long after they are built, an investment in the future.

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