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 Air to Water Heat Pumps (Air Source Heat Pump)

Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heats from the outside air and raise it to a higher temperautre, using a process which is similar to a reverse refrigeration process. Air Source Heat Pumps can be used in many more applications including large commercial projects, swimming pools, sports facilities, hotels, club houses, SPA, health care facilities, schools, apartments and food industry.

Air Source Heat Pump run on electricity, it helps prevent global warming because no wasted heat released to outdoors as compare to gas or oil boilers.

Air Source Heat Pump can be add-on as supplementary source of heat to pre-heat water before entering to gas or oil boilers. They can also be used in commercial buildings to recover heat from exhaust air, or as  a dehumidifier to remove moisture in indoor swimming pool, and transfer the recovered heat to incoming fresh air or hot water.

Exhaust (ventilation) air is a common heat source for heat pumps in residential or commercial buildings. The heat pump recovers heat from the ventilation air, and provides water and/or space heating. For large buildings exhaust air heat pumps are often used in combination with air-to-air heat recovery.


  • Heating capacity 6 kW to 250 kW with scroll compressors.
  • Heating capacity 80 kW to 600 kW with screw compressors.
  • Refrigerant R134a (or R407C).
  • Hot water temperature at 65C to kill Legionnaires.
  • Double wall heat exchanger to avoid contamination.
  • Low noise with 65dBA @ 2 meters
  • Reverse cycle defrost system, operation at outdoor -10C.




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