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Water to Water Heat Pumps (Water Source Heat Pump)

Cooling and heating account for more than 60% of the energy used in building, make it the largest energy expense for most owners. a Water to Water Heat Pump provides both cooling and heating and offer the most benefit of delivering more useful energy than consume.

The Water to Water Heat Pump contains a source-side water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (evaporator), and a load-side refrigerant-to-water (condenser) heat exchanger. The source-side is typically connected to the central air-conditioning system (chilled water) and the load-side connected to the hot water system. During the refrigerant cycle, heat is transferred from the source-side heat exchanger to the load-side heat exchanger. The source-side provides chilled water to central air-conditioning plant for cooling and simultaneously the load-side provides hot water to the domestic hot water system or pool water heating.

Water to Water Heat Pump make use of the building cooling load as a heat source for hot water heating, it reclaim the heat instead of reject to outdoor, thus achieves added efficiency, energy saving and kind to the environment.

Many industries need space cooling in their process, and often have a significant hot water demand in the temperature range from 40~65 degree C for washing, sanitation and cleaning purpose. Water to Water Heat Pump can be a part of an integrated system that provides both cooling and heating.

Water to Water Heat Pump meets space cooling and hot water heating in building, typical applications include large hotels, sports utilities, club house, SPA, health care facilities, and food and manufacturing industry.



  • Heating capacity 15 kW to 400 kW with scroll compressors.
  • Heating capacity 80 kW to 750 kW with screw compressors.
  • Refrigerant R134a (or R407C).
  • Hot water temperature at 65C to kill Legionnaires.
  • Double wall heat exchanger to avoid contamination.
  • Modular design for trasnport in passenger lift.


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