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How a heat pump works

Air to water and Water to water Heat Pump takes energy from the air/water and raise it to a higher temperature, using a process which is similar to a reverse refrigeration process. A Heat Pump absorbs the heat energy from (air or water) to another location (hot water tank or pool). Its principle used the refrigeration process to transfers low temperature energy (device called evaporator heat exchanger) to a refrigeration loop, the compressor compresses the gases (heat) to a high temperature and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating distribution system (device called condenser heat exchanger). The refrigerant circulates and an expansion valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant becomes cold again. This process repeats continuously such that 1 unit of input energy plus absorbed 3 units of energy can product 4 units of heat energy.


 Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Heat rejection = Cooling capacity + Input Power = Heat Pump Heat Output (kW)

COP = Heat Output (kW) / Input Power (kW)


Benefits of Heat Pump

  • No combustion and explosive gases within the building.
  • No risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • No need for gas connections or fuel tanks.
  • No local pollution.
  • More energy is supplied than energy is consumed.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Provides all of your heating and hot water needs.
  • Quality assured with one year parts and labour warranty.
  • Save up to 80% in energy costs against conventional systems.
  • Large reduction on CO2 emissions than fossil fuelled systems or electrical heaters.
  • For every 1 unit of electricity used an average of 4 units of heat are produced.
  • 15+ years system lifetime and minimal annual servicing.
  • Useful for hot water heating and swimming pools heating.
  • They also maintain their efficiency over time whereas boiler efficiencies reduce dramatically over time.
  • Always available whatever the weather, day or night.
  • Provide hot water up to temperatures as high as 65 degree C which is very suitable for all domestic and business requirements.
  • Can prevent legionnaire disease that survive and reproduce rapidly in water temperature between 30 degree C and 45 degree C.
  • In some applications it may be appropriate to couple a Heat Pump with traditional heating technology to complement the required outputs.



  • Large commercial projects.
  • Swimming Pools (dehumidification and water heating).
  • Sports and Health care facilities.
  • Hospitals and Schools.
  • Hotels, Club houses, SPA and Salon.
  • Residential houses and appartments.
  • Food and manufacturing industry.


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