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Legionnaires in hot water

Hot water temperature and growth of Legionnaires:

  • 70C to 80C (Disinfection range)
  • 65C (Die within 2 minutes)
  • 60C (Die within 32 minutes)
  • 55C (Die within 5 to 6 hours)
  • 50C (Survive but not multiply)
  • 20C to 45C (Ideal growth range)
  • Below 20C (Survive but are dormant)


          (Photo source from Wikipedia)

Prevention of Legionnaires Disease in hot water heat pump system:

  • Operate heat pump hot water temperature at 65C.
  • Pipe design to prevent stratification and stagnation of water in storage tank and pipe.
  • Regularly clean & drain storage tank.
  • Thermostatic mixing valve use hot water temperature at 65C.
  • Remove scaling deposit and breeding ground for Legionellae.

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