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Compressor enclosure (Selectable Option)

Compressors are enclosed with sound absorption material to reduce noise level.


Defrost system by reverse cycle valve

Effective and fast defrost method guarantee hot water production in extreme cold weather.


Electrical panel

Provide maximum protection for individual compressors and fan motors.


Low noise fans (Selectable Option)

Low noise fans suitable for installation close to noise sensitive residential areas.

Noise level around 65 dBA at 2 meters.

Easy maintenance

Refrigerant gauges and charging ports locate at front side for easy maintenance.

Facilitate easy maintenance means longer machine life.

Removable core refrigerant filter dryer

Filter dryer can be replaceed without need to release all refrigerant.

Available with water to water heat pump.

Double wall plate type hot water heat exchanger (Selectable Option)

Prevent contamination of water and compact in size.


Double skin hot water heat exchanger (Selectable Option)

Double wall hot water heat exchanger is being used in application with particularly stringent safety requirements, e.g. food & pharmaceutical. In the event of a leak, water or refrigerant seeps out between the vented double walls to the atmosphere, thus gives visual alarm for attention.

Less pressure drop compare with plate type.                


High efficiency compressors

All units are equipped with high efficiency scroll or screw compressors, with R407C, R134a, R410a or R404a to cope with environmental regulations. Refrigerant circuits are designed to guarantee reliable system operation.



Safety protection

Safety devices are built into the refrigeration circuit to guard against abnormal unit operation. Compressor overload protection, high and low pressure cutout switches. Low water temperature sensor is located at the cooler to protect the heat exchanger from freezing. Each compressor is protected by individual branch fusing. Additional protection is provided by thermal overlaods, high discharged gas temperature switch. Suction and discharge maintenance valves are provided for manifold gauge connections to facilitate servicing. Compressors are mounted on vibration isolators.



Intelligent control system

Electronic controller and microprocessor provide maximum system performance. Field connection to BMS or CCMS systems are available for integration to building systems.



Modular design reduce installation space

Small modular racking design allows for multiple unit installation, require less space in tight location. Cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal and coated with corrosion resistive powder paint.



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