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To serve our clients, we provide the following heat pump maintenance plans (in Hong Kong only):

Service 1 Unit 2 Units 3 Units
Monthly Regular Check-up + Half-yearly Maintenance + Yearly Maintenance (include 12 Ad Hoc E-calls within office hour) HK$ 50,000 per year HK$ 75,000 per year HK$ 100,000 per year
Bi-monthly Regular Check-up + Half-yearly Maintenance + Yearly Maintenance (include 8 Ad Hoc E-calls within office hour) HK$ 30,000 per year HK$ 45,000 per year HK$ 60,000 per year
Quarterly Regular Check-up + Yearly Maintenance (inlcude 4 Ad Hoc E-calls within office hour) HK$ 20,000 per year HK$ 30,000 per year HK$ 40,000 per year

Ad Hoc E-call (Monday to Friday 9:30-17:30)*

HK$ 2,500 per call - -

* E-call beyond office hour shall be quoted on a case-by-case basis.


Above services do not include the following items**:

~ Parts replacement and consumable replacement  

~ Leakage test

~ Air-flow measurement/balancing

~ Water-flow measurement/balancing

~ Earth fault measurement

** These items shall be quoted separately


​Scope of Regular Check-up
Analyze the data logging record
Check all electrical power wiring connections
Check all electrical components (inside the heat pump)
Check all control wiring
Check all plug-in relays
Check the status of running
Check running amps of compressor motors and fan motors
Check all operating setting in proper manner
Check the conditions of refrigerant circuit operating pressure
Check the operations of motorized valves
Check the operations of thermo expansion valve
Check fan operations, belt tension, and bearing lubricant
Check for vibration and noise
Check the lubricant oil level at sight glass
Check the "Emergency Stop" function
Check the "Alarm" function
Check the settng of overload protection relay
Check proper voltage applied to the unit(s)
Check the 24Vac transformer for proper voltage applied to all controllers
Check pool water inlet and outlet temperature (if applicable)
Adjust (if necessary) the thermostat to correct mode to maintain desired temperature


​Scope of Half-yearly Maintenance
Review record obtained from regular check-up
Verify all safety devices and make sure no mal-function (i.e., high pressure cutout, low pressure cutout, overload cutout, high discharge temperature cutout, low pool water temperature cutout (if applicable), high hot water temperature alarm, water flow switch interlock)  
Test all protection and operating controls
Check the proper operations of damper actuator(s) and solenoid valve(s)
Check the controller(s) for proper operations
Check all electrical protectoin devices for proper operations
Check unit casing and panel
Check and adjust (if necessary) refrigerant thermo expansion valves  
Add fan bearing lubricant (if necessary)


​Scope of Yearly Maintenance
Check all controllers
Check all electrical circuits
Check all refrigerant components and actuators



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