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Sustainable Energy


Sustainable Energy

Heat Pump Manufacturer

SustainE designs and manufactures specialized and energy efficient products. We operate our own factory plant in Foshan.

Our heat pump products include​ Air Source Heat Pump​, Water to Water Heat Pump​, Total Energy Heat Pump, Integrated Heat Pump AHU, and Indoor Swimming Pool Heat Pump.

To download our catalogue: click SustainE Heat Pump Catalogue


We commit to meeting and exceeding customer requirments, and foucs on "quality, reliability, and innovation".

Our high temperature heat pumps are packed with sophicated technology, easy to be installed and operated.

To know about SustainE High Temperature Heat Pump, click HAH/HWH

Our DX AHU/PAU are designed for various applications ranging form small primises to larg sustainable buildings. Our products apply emerging technologies to provide comfortable indoor air climates for sustainable building.

To know about SustainE Air Handling Unit, click DX PAU/AHU

All our products are commerical/industrail grade equipment built address heavy duty moisture remval.

To know about SustainE Dehumidifier, click  DX Dehumidification Unit

Our Precison Air Conditioning Unit (HPC) series is dedicated to control rool temperature and humidity precusely.

Typical application of our HPC series include data centre, computer room, medical centrer, and laboratory.

To know about SustainE Precision Air Conditioning Unit, click HPC/CRAC


Our Total Energy Heat Pump listed on EMSD I&T Solution (REF: S-0073): E&M InnoPortal


 For enquiry, please email to: dsltung@sustaine.com.hk

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