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Sustainable Energy Limited (SustainE) designs and manufactures specialized and energy efficient equipment for critical temperature and humidity control needs. SustainE products incorporate non-proprietary components where possible. Our Precision Air Conditioning (HPC) Series is dedicated to control room temperature and humidity precisely.  


SustainE is committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. The HPC Series is highly flexible:*     

  • Type: DX - Air Cooled, DX - Water Cooled or Chilled Water
  • Circuit: Single or Multiple
  • Dimension: Standard or Customized
  • Air Pattern: Up-flow, Down-flow or Side-return     


Typical applications of SustainE Precision Air Conditioning products include:

  • Data Center & Computer Room
  • Communication Base Station
  • Microwave/Satellite Ground Station
  • Treatment Room of Machinery Plant
  • Medical Center & Hospital
  • Laboratory & Testing Room

To  know more about out HPC Series, please click SustainE HPC Catalogue

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